Did you know Singaporeans are the fourth heaviest mobile data users in the Asia-Pacific region? Between January and March 2018, the city collectively consumed 185 million GB of data.

As it stands, Singapore’s telco scene is thriving — with at least 13 players shouting about SIM-only data plans to persuade consumers to ditch their telcos in favour of cheaper, more attractive alternatives.

But with the sheer amount of choices on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, it’s only human to want the best data plan for your needs, given the information-heavy world we live in.

No one size fits all

The beautiful truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all option.
Here, we offer a breakdown of the plans offered by each Singapore telco — and how OYA’s eSIM can complement your needs without forcing you to dump your telco.

Identify your data usage habits

The easiest way to figure out whether your plan is right for you is by identifying how you use your phone. Whether the bulk of your time is spent on social networking apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram — or perhaps popular games, Spotify songs and YouTube videos — these add up to a considerably hefty amount of data.

If you’re an iPhone user, your mobile data usage is automatically tracked in your phone’s settings, under Mobile Data (or, for Android users, under Cellular Data).

Now that you better understand how you use your phone, here’s a breakdown of the most popular SIM-only plans in Singapore, whether you’re a data-heavy or data-light user. We've also included the total cost for the average personal data consumption in Singapore, which stands at 2.7GB per month.

Major mid-usage data plans in Singapore

Data plan comparisons

Contract or no contract?

If you noticed, the most popular plans in Singapore are in fact no contract, SIM-only plans — as highlighted in the above table. That’s because these plans don’t have a lock-in period, making it easy to switch telcos without having to pay early termination fees.

(Note, however, that Circles.Life users can only switch telcos or cancel their data plan after two billing cycles.)

No contract on OYA

With consumers getting increasingly savvy, the more popular option is now i) purchasing a handset off a third party site, like online marketplace Carousell or eCommerce giant Lazada, and ii) complementing it with a contract-free, SIM-only plan based on one’s data usage needs.

While it’s great having data in excess, the average Singaporean consumes just 2.7GB of mobile data monthly — which suggests that a data-heavy plan doesn’t necessarily give you the most bang for your buck. Why pay for more than you use?

That’s where OYA comes in: with data that never expires, even if it takes years for it to be used up. It also runs on eSIM technology, meaning there’s no need to swap telcos or pay for a physical SIM card — much less worry about excess usage fees.

Here’s how it works, and some of its benefits:
1. Download the OYA app; sign up with SingPass or your NRIC
2. Activate mobile data (powered by your eSIM) immediately
3. Pay for what you use; your data will never expire
4. Can be used to complement your existing plan (yay, extra data for life!)

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