“Wow, this data plan is just what I need. And it’s so easy and affordable to use abroad.” Have you heard anyone say that? Not until now.

Probably not. Because people’s needs change from month to month, depending on what we do, if there’s a new Netflix season out, or if we travel. Data usage is fluctuating, while the plans are static. So we have to change behavior and adapt to the plans, instead of the other way around to avoid huge bill shocks at the end of the month. Especially when going abroad.

One size fits no one
One size fits no one

My telco tries to trick me
Talking to mobile data users in Singapore reveals very similar pains and problems as we’ve seen in other markets, especially fluctuating data usage and difficulty of understanding and choosing contracts.

“My telco tries to trick me, with confusing design and fine print, “ some users said. Unlimited data is not really unlimited, if you read the terms and conditions. Sometimes it feels like the self-service apps and customer care are set up to confuse people and have them choose the more expensive options. And you have to pay for stuff even if you don’t need it, like SMS.

Taking away my half-eaten cake
Would you accept buying a nice piece of cake at a cafe, enjoying it with a cappuccino, and then have someone take it away before you’re finished? That’s what most data plans are like today. If you buy a 5GB plan and use 3, the remaining 2 will be gone at the end of the month. And what happens if you sign up on the 20th of the month - do you only have to pay for a third? Probably not.

You want to be able to finish your cake in peace, right? Or take it home with you to enjoy later. Maybe not next month, but you get what we mean ;)

We don't take away your half-eaten cake
We don't take away your half-eaten cake

The 1,000 dollar bus ride
We’ve all feared it, or been there. The urge to use data like normal when you travel, but wary of the risk of bill shock. Too difficult to understand what it costs with on your current plan. Too little time or too much hassle to stand in line and get a local SIM. So we just risk it. 

It’s happened to me a few times. Like once in Vietnam, which I thought was covered by my traditional operators roaming plan. But then once I landed, I started getting cryptic SMSes about preferred operators and whatnot, and I understood that I had to check the settings in their app. But that was not easy, with too many tabs, options and confusing fine print. 

When I walked out of the plane I got a warning that $200 worth of data had been used. Emails started downloading and apps syncing. Then, 50 clicks and 3 app restarts later I reached the terminal and managed to find the right option. Total cost of that bus ride from my plane to the terminal? More than $1000. Turns out,  I had used 40MB. That’s $25/MB, or $25,000/GB -  INSANE! 

A world simply connected
These problems are faced by most data users, not only in Singapore, but all over the world. We want to change this, and imagine a world where people are simply connected, anywhere. So we brought together a cross-functional team of people who believe in the same mission, and to put control over connectivity back in the hands of the customers.

A world simply connected
A world simply connected

It's your data. Anytime. Anywhere.
We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way people use data. It's hard to understand that data is 100 times more expensive when you cross a border, or that you lose it at the end of the month.

We want people to be simply connected, anywhere, at one reasonable price. Enjoy as much data as you need on all your devices without worrying about bill shock.

Of course it’s your data, to use when and where you want. With OYA.

An app for your data
With OYA, there is no need to stand in line or wait for a SIM card anymore. Using the new eSIM technology, our app gets you online in 5 minutes. Download, identify who you are, and get data. From your couch.

Your first 1GB is free, then you can conveniently use Apple Pay or a credit card to buy more in a pay-as-you-go fashion. Currently, OYA is exclusively available on two of the latest generation iPhones (XS, XR and 11), iPad support will be available later this year and Android will be supported when eSIM devices become mainstream next year.

Getting mobile data is finally as easy as ordering a Grab or Uber. Wherever you are. 

The data app - use it anywhere
The data app - use it anywhere

3 main benefits of OYA 

  • It’s your data. Always: No contract, no restrictions, leave anytime.
  • It’s your data. Anywhere: Get it anytime, anywhere and bring it with you.
  • It’s your data. Now: Download the super simple app and get data in 5 minutes

OYA. Launching 11.11