It’s a common scenario all over Singapore. You are locked into an old mobile contract with nowhere near enough data to feed your iPhone the GBs it’s asking for. Or perhaps you are trapped in the dreaded family plan and will suffer the wrath of other family members if you dare even mention that you want out!

Thankfully, there are ways to get extra data (with 1GB free for early OYA sign-ups!) without changing SIM cards or switching telcos in Singapore. We show you how.

Is a prepaid SIM card the answer?

Not quite. Supplementing your existing data plan with a prepaid SIM card sounds like a good idea in theory. But with two SIM cards to manage, these are some possible downsides to consider:

i) You’ll have to endure the hassle of lugging around two phones
ii) Manually swapping between two SIM cards means running the risk of losing your original nano SIM
iii) For users with dual-SIM phones, switching between the two cards would inevitably drain your phone's battery life, since both SIM cards are actively running in tandem.  

Alternatively, you could instead pay for excess data usage charges. But that also comes with the headache of guessing how much extra you’ll be charged. Telcos in Singapore don’t make it easy — and why should you pay more exorbitant charges just because you exceeded an imaginary data quota?

Finally there is the very desperate “asking your friend to share their hotspot” option. This one comes with extra shame and categorises you very quickly into the “annoying friend” bucket. Not only does hot-spot sharing uses up your friend's data super fast, you’ll also be draining their battery rapidly as well. Don't be that person.

The best way to get extra data in Singapore

What if there were a free app that gave you extra data without having to switch SIM cards, cancel your contract or ditch your current telco? 🤔

Well, now there is!.. Meet OYA.

Wait.. Did you say extra data without switching SIMs or telcos? How's that even possible?

The easiest way to explain it is to say it's magic. But the way it really works is much more interesting.  OYA works on eSIM technology. This enables you to get extra data on your iPhone XS or XR in just three simple steps:

  1. Download the OYA app from the App Store or Google Play (coming soon)
  2. Enter your particulars + and take a pic of your IC
  3. Enjoy data

There’s no need to collect your SIM card from SingPost, or have some strange convenience store assistant take a photo of your IC while wondering if you are really as old as your card says you are.

So forget about getting a complex pre-paid SIM just for extra data and avoid paying those greedy excess usage costs, or building up the courage to ask your folks to add data to your plan.

Now data bursters can rejoice, and the data poor will be poor no more. Now anyone can extra data in Singapore at anytime, thanks to OYA.
Be one of the first to try OYA, risk-free! Download here and get 1GB free!